Soul Satisfaction is Just a Word or a Real Experience!

Love and Soul Satisfaction
Soul Satisfaction for Eternal Peace

We all have heard or read the word “Soul Satisfaction” by many people. Even people use to say that Music is a Relaxant for Soul, and I often wonder about the real meaning of satisfaction of a thing that nobody has seen. I mean that we all can feel that there is a Gut Feeling, and here is also an Internal Peace. But how can we explain that a SOUL is present with its individual existence. Then what is the parameter of having a feeling that it is satisfied!

Here comes the help of Religion and Spirituality or Mysticism for sure. We have seen that each Religion is emphasizing in purification of inside of being. To make us Pious and to be away from Negative and Evil Deeds. So to purify our Souls, and to walk upside on the ladder of Spiritual Awakening and a Feeling of Closeness to God Almighty, and in other word a feeling of Divine love for every individual soul!

The existence of man on the Planet Earth is not without Purpose! It is our study to find out that bigger GOAL that is set by Divine Will for us. Some people think that Human Existence is only subject to a coincidence and after Death, everyone will be a part of soil. But they can’t explain the storage of all Wisdom and Knowledge, and what is the benefit of doing good deeds, and to suffer for others. On the others hand there are people in History and Present Times who only think about themselves, and feel satisfaction on suffering of other Human Beings.

If these people are not getting any kind of punishment then what is the matter of doing good things. It turns out to be a Peace of MIND, and in other words “Soul Satisfaction”. So the matter of consideration is the query as if the word of Soul Satisfaction is a clichéd sentences or a real experience!

For me it is a Reality that there is a definite existence of SOUL inside every Human Being, and it suffers pains and feels light on doing right things. When you see a smile on the face of a little child or you see a beautiful flower in full bloom. There is a sense of Purification and Satisfaction inside, and you are just too good to experience the Soul Satisfaction which is a precious gift indeed!


Make Life Easy with Few Goal Objective!!

Motivation to Succeed in Life
Goals of Life

It is of no use to keep on thinking about how much success you have gained in past one year, and how far you have traveled towards failure. It is all subject to the goal objectives that you have set for yourself. If life is not easy then try to make it with few Goals in MIND. It does not matter if you have a shortcut tail to freedom or success!

But the real gains come with a slow traveling on the Path of Success, and you can do it quite easily. So to get in a situation that requires you to form firm goals and objectives is something really very difficult. It is a time when things need to be clarified that you have to form Few Goal Objectives if you really want to move on. When you make your mind dispersed in number of desires, and then keep on counting the priority list then things don’t work. You have to have a clear method of forming your top list!

It happens with a passage of time that you will learn the art of finding the gem out of a garbage. Our MIND is always captivated by thoughts, ideas, feelings and dreams to be fulfilled. If we need to have a Peace of Mind then we have to get rid of false Emotions, and at the same time to keep on giving motivation speech to our minds, to go on in a right path. I feel it is quite less of a fortune and more of a human error to set false standards of success and prosperity!

Once you straighten out your thought process and need to look for something that makes you really happy then you are going to be all happy. I am sure a proper understanding of LIFE and the Real Purpose of Human Existence is the key role player in making us all active and to work for positivity in this world.

We are not the only species on EARTH so we have to be extra careful. I can see that animals, birds and plants are also affected by the false dreams and destined goals of people. If we decide to make peace in this world then there would be no production of weapons of mass destruction, and the use of these to kill innocent people like we have seen in the recent attacks on Gaza and Palestine.

So life is too short to pass it in miseries, and to make others suffer due to us. Just make a resolution that I will play my part in this universe all pure and positive. Every single individual can make change and be the first one to do it. You will see that a new wave of change will definitely come, not only for you but for rest of people in the world!!

Thoughtless Mind!!

Mind and Soul Connection!
Mind and Soul Go Together to Find Eternal Peace!

Sometime it happens to every sane person in life that he or she does not know what to think in real. It is time for the real understanding of the problems that exist in the SOUL and Mind of that person. Sometimes it is too necessary to keep a vigilant look at what is happening in our lives, and how we can cope with the difficult situation. If it happens in individual or collective lives of any nation. Every painful scenery is worth a silence and it needs to be given a proper respect.

But seeing so many innocent children dead in a coward act of Terrorism in Pakistan has just shook my soul. I cannot imagine anything and not even think of good things and places. I cannot dream of great future of Humanity as I have seen the worst case scenarios that make me feel all empty headed, and think on a pessimistic note about our own future.

What is the real matter of going for all this technology advancements and progress when it can shatter at any moment? When we are losing our kids who would create the great FUTURE then we are left with no option to mourn over insanity that the world is going onto. We have developed such weapons of mass destruction, and the ones that can destroy a whole nation in a far off land. Here are Chemical and Biological weapons produced by developed countries, so why we talk about humanity and make human Rights Organizations!

Making huge castles in the air is always very easy, and same is the case with pronouncing great Principles and Fundamentals of Human Sanctity. But Life does not give those people a chance who want to take advantages of weaknesses of others. The manipulation and overpowering over armless and common people is very easy. It can happen through Great Media Hype, and even creating a whole fuss about something that is a kind of Non-existent Reality!

Being a normal human being with emotions and a desire to see peace and prosperity on this planet EARTH. I like to see people getting out of small or big prejudices, racial and religious differences. The philosophy of “live and Let Live” is so much true, only if we really implement in our personal and social lives. We can be the practitioners of the same fundamental for all the people in the world with Equality and Justice, to make this world a piece of Heaven!!

Life and Love is All About Share Care and Forgiveness of Small Mistakes!

Human Emotions are Precious to Look for Inner Souls
Life is full of Love and Emotions

When you are going through different phases of life then you might not think as how to get time for peace and lovable things in life. When you are going through some situations then you need to see how hard you can fight with odds, and how you can find your time for peace, love and serenity. If you want “Motivation” and “Peace of Mind” then you need to show Love and Compassion to others around. As it is not one sided thing for sure!

Most of times, it is not a good thing to know what are things that matter in our lives. It is not going to be a great thing that makes you feel lonely and desperate. But you see that love is an aroma and it can make you feel all “Special and Wanted” in this World by Group of People. So it is highly necessary that we need to share and care for other person’s feelings, and to forgive small or bigger mistakes of others as well. The human nature might be having lots of flaws but we need to forgive others to get it back by ourselves!

Love needs no explanation and it spreads like an Aroma around, and when you are in such emotional stat then you can forgive and forget lots of things. This is in fact a beauty of LIFE and you need to see other person’s perspectives and perceptions, in order to understand their Emotional Crises and their Needs and Wants. So the Beauty of Love and Caring is that it can easily heal the wounds of SOUL, and then a great cure or remedy of all internal illnesses!

Actually it is too more than a cliché that Love is Unconditional and it does not need any expectations, and the problems arise when we start expecting from others about returns. It becomes a selfish approach, and then the whole world seems to destroy in front of us if the other one is not able to fulfill what we perceive he or she can do!

Similarly we expect so many things from God Almighty, and never think that we as Human Beings do fulfill our obligations and duties that He has imposed on us. I think the Divine Love is more than a matter of expectancy but it is a general Human Psyche that tells us to go for filling up our LOVE for the Omnipresent God, and then not expecting anything in return is what leads us to elevate path of Spirituality and Eternal Success!

Why Sane People Get Strange Thoughts for a Fraction of a Moment!

wisdom of life nad Sensitivity with Peace!
Sanity and Love for Peace is Human Desire

I always keep on wandering as what is the impulsive desire or Action that makes a person take a decision that is not suitable to his or her personality. Even the thought to act in some MAD Way might be a result of a SOUL Action of a fraction of a moment. All human beings act like normal and at times they are desperate deep inside, and they do not understand where is the trouble that upsets them while Life on the whole is going all smooth!

It is not abnormal or a psychological disorder but in fact we all carry such level of insanity inside us. We want to die within a moment we feel embarrassed or depressed. When we are not getting attention from a person, group or family then we try to act abnormally, to get attention. It is not even related with being Happy or Sad but it exists and happens with many people.

The Modern Life with all its Luxuries and Gadgets gives us Smooth but Mechanical Lives. We are no more like our ancestors who used to socialize frequently and knew everything about their family and neighborhood. Now we are lovely souls even if we have thousands of friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other Social Forums. It is due to the fact that nobody knows the Hearts and Minds of others. We want to kill TIME, and in fact it is killing us with our soft emotions of love, compassion and companionship!

We might be living in a luxurious and cozy homes and riding the best cars. Our jobs are great and we have all name and fame to be recognized at any social gathering. But have you or I ever considered as how many people know what goes inside our souls. How we feel and act in situations that are unbearable for us. We love to know Life but not about the problems in the Lives of Others!

Most of times, we don’t even recognize how our small words and actions cause other souls so much pain. At the same time if we act in the opposite manner then we are able to cause joy and comfort in the lives of others. So it is really necessary for us to know in which category we want to spend our rest of lives. The ones who concern about Human Beings or the ones who live for themselves or have a selfish approach towards life!!

Make a New Year Resolution to Think About Making World a Peaceful Place!!

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

Every now and then I hear some world renowned leaders keep on giving statements about Peace and Prosperity for the Whole World. The irony of the situation is that same leaders and states are involved in occupying foreign lands, indulging the whole world into meaningless wars. If it is war for a cause then it is only to capture the natural resources of that Particular country. Otherwise there is no solid reason for entering troops in the Sovereign Lands of Others!

If here some people think that all NATO countries under the supervision of the Sole Superpower means United States of America entered Afghanistan. Do you agree that it was only a reason to kill the Alien Terrorists? I don’t think so but the problem that people of Afghanistan faced with Daisy Cutter Bombs flooding from air and killing innocent civilians including women and children was ever justified. Do you really think so that Bombs and Missiles see a difference in in Innocent and the culprit person?

No! definitely not, and it happened for more than a decade, and the Afghan people who were tired and wounded to their souls due to battle with Soviet Union are again in great agony. Then we saw in last decade that Iraq was captured and live telecast of Missiles and Bombs had stricken the capital city Baghdad. It was done on the name of saving the world from the Chemical Weapons that are nowhere found till date, and it is great mystery!

So it is time for the Common Man living in every city, town, county and country to raise voices against the irrelevant and meaningless military occupations, and of course about the genocide of innocent civilians. If the world and political leaders were so fair then why nobody bothered to condemn the Israel for attack on Gaza and Palestine. Where were all Human Rights Activists?

New Year Resolutions need to be renewed as to make this world a peaceful place of residence for everyone. We must not look at the race, language, ethnicity and religion. But we need PEACE and Love to be scattered all around, and it can easily be done if the masses decide to raise their voices to end all wars and acts of terrorism. So we have to make new commitments and New Kinds of Resolutions for the Coming Year and all through our lives, and teach the same lesson to our coming generations as well!!

Don’t Move – A Film about Human Loneliness and Inside Storms (Non ti Mouvere)!

Love Exisits as a Paradigm Shift in Human Nature
Don’t Move-A Movie A Passion

Being a great fan of Drama Films and passionate about the expertise that are exhibited through storyline, dialogues, screenplay, acting, casting, direction, art direction and production are a matter of my deep observation. I am fan of non-contemporary movies that might get a Premier in some Film Festivals. These are really a delight to watch, and I am not even concerned about how many awards it has gotten, and not about IMDB or Rotten Tomato Rating and even about the Gross Earning.

So the different approach of mine has led me to the corridors of experimentation and wonderful insights on films that might not be highlighted in general. Here I am telling about an Italian Film named “Don’t Move” and its Italian name is “Non ti Mouvere”. For Penelope Cruz fans this movie is one of her best asset, and she has performed par excellence.

Penelope Cruz is one such actress who is a great combination of Beauty and Brain, and it is clearly depicted in the selection of roles and her choice of films that she works in. In fact I got a chance to see Non ti Mouvere with English Language Subtitles. I tried to watch this movie that is translated as Don’t Move for Penelope Cruz. But the beginning just paralyzed my emotionally when I saw a single heeled RED shoe amidst a passage to a building which later revealed as a hospital.

Why that Red Shoe was there and Who placed it there just entangles a mystery bound around, and you are spell bounded in it till the end. When the end comes and you see the reel of names then you want to cry out loud, and ask one question to yourself. Is it all Life and What is the Use of Living it when everything will end like that? 

Italia being the name of Penelope Cruz in the film made me feel reluctant to live like a normal being who runs behind worldly success and gains. My Perceptions about Life and Human Existence has changed, owing to this film. A poor woman who was raped by a Rich and Famous Doctor when he was overheated and drunk, and then as an aftermath when he felt guilty. The guilt conscious took him again and again to that ordinary woman who did not belong to his class.

The irony of the situation is that he is married and having quitter a comfortable life. Italia is so different from her life, thought process and has her own opinions about LIFE. When they got closer than he realized that people become insane and pathetic due to extraordinary situations and sufferings. He got so close to her that he tried to flee away with her to another land. But she died on a way, and there is a whole climax behind all events.

I can never forget one dialogue when he said to her colleague while his daughter as a teenager has a fatal accident, and being operated. He said to his best friend and colleague “I do not know where people go when they die but I surely know where they remain, and that is heart”. Watch it out for seeing a mature cinema of the world, and “Don’t’ Move” deserves a standing ovation with respect to many fields of artistic presentation.