Hello world!

Optimism, Wisdom and Motivation
My goals in Life to create Positivity and Optimism. To enhance Motivation and Spiritual Freedom

I am here to serve your reading thirst with a little knowledge and research that is all life based. I am a person who sees things not outwardly but tries to go inside details of it. It has given me pains and sufferings but also let me cross new corridors of Human Psyche and Pleasures, Joys and Pains of Humanity.

As I am sensitive Soul with an urge to serve something Positive and inculcate Motivation and Optimism in Human Beings regardless of social, cultural, religious, political, racial, linguistic and other differences. These are my opinions and theories and you don’t have to agree with it but I own everything which I write, and I am “Aftab Nisar” with each post written by me. If I have got some influence or quote something from other forums then you will see my thankful gesture and mention of that name or site as well!!

Happy blogging!


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