Death Means an End of Life?

Death is a Corridor to New Life
Reality of Death and Afterlife!

It is a one major truth of every person’s life that one cannot deny. Death is right here in the universe for as long human beings and other species are born. It hardly matters from which religion you belong and even if you are an atheist then still you cannot deny death. Though it has become so easy form philosophers like “Friedrich Nietzsche£ and “Karl Marx” to even deny the presence of God Almighty. But they couldn’t give any logic for death!

I have seen and read so many thinkers who say that we will become nitrogen if mixed in soil as a dead body or as ashes. But where will our thoughts, ideas, the superiority of brain and the soul will go. If you deny the presence of SOUL inside a human body then how can you define peace, love, compassion and the feeling to give away your things to others?

I ask all those people who do not believe in Afterlife as if we are subject to be out in the world due to material combinations, and then mix in the soil then why we strive for prosperity of our mind. Why we try to attain new level of Success and Knowledge. Everything is going to vanish and our advancements will fade away or we are not the beneficiaries then why we do charity? For the sake of name that might live for centuries but what benefit will it give to a molecules of nitrogen in earth?

So my dear fellow I think here the debate of people who deny a life hereafter, and do not believe in the Omnipresent God are at fault. When there is not mechanism of good ones to be rewarded or the bad ones to be justified with a punishment then why we long for goodness in us and others. Why everybody hates crimes and all evils acts?

So my fellows’ death exists as a very close reality, and in fact it is a corridor that leads us to other side of a parallel world. A life that will carry on forever and where God Almighty will do justice to those who couldn’t find it on Earth. The whole concept of life after death gives a real meaning to our existence, and the presence on Omnipresent God give a sense of protection and peace to suffering souls.

Believe me or not but it a reality that is getting so much clear to everyone if only he tries to look deep inside. There is no science to it and it needs you to sit alone in a peaceful environment. Think of your birth, past present and future, and I am sure that you will get on a result that you need another life and a present of a Just Ruler who is only God Almighty, and then you can find a real Peace of Mind and a Motivation to go on for good things in Life!!


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