Aristotle’s Concept of Catharsis!!

Soul Satisfaction and Wisdom of Life
Catharsis and Peace of Mind

When I was a student of Literature and Philosophy and read lots of theories and concepts then I was greatly impressed by Aristotle. Not for his personal biography or the fact that he was the teacher or mentor of Alexander the Great. Because I have lots of difference of opinion as if he was a true mentor then why didn’t he teach his pupil, to save humanity and not to kill or crush every individual who came in a way!

I have a difference of opinion about the kind of teachings that induced a lust for worldly gains in his top favorite student. Either he was on a point of failure as a mentor or he himself wanted his pupil Alexander to go out and ruin the whole world. In either case his influence was destructive. Here I was his fan for a philosophy of CATHARSIS, and to be relieved with an association of human beings with seeing suffering in front of them

Aristotle was a great vocal of theater and tragic and comedy plays. Though he was greatly against the posts and considered their writings as an opium for a nation. Aristotle’s point was that seeing a misery and pain staged in front of a person lets him forget his own for a shorter time. Eventually he begins to cope with his loss as his mind accepts it at Subconscious and Unconscious level that others have their own sufferings and these are much more bitter than his own!

This feeling of flow of emotions and feelings was called by Catharsis and it is so widely used term, not only in Psychology but in routine matters. The flush or drain of emotions that are damaging is a blessing in disguise. So is the chance of crying out. When a person cries out then he or she loses a chance to get into deep depression and mental disorders

So I am obliged and feel grateful to Aristotle for giving us the concept of Catharsis, and it varies with researches and we see hypnosis, yoga, meditation, deep breathing and NLP that is resultant of expressing what is deep inside. So Aristotle might be a disastrous teacher but he did a great job for all generations with his practical and relax boosting concept and theory of Catharsis, and the whole world owes it to him for sure!!


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